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A Case Against Fancy Decorated Drinks: Multi-Organ Failure After Drinking a Mojito Cocktail
Simon Bac, Eric Frans van Bommel
A Case of Brucellosis with a Rare Complication: Pericarditis
Gizem Zorlu, Seyit Uyar, Hakan Ozer, Murat Esin, Selin Kir, Abdullah Tokuc, Süleyman Dolu, Feyzi Bostan, Ayhan Hilmi Cekin
A Case of Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia imitating Crohn's disease
Maria Paparoupa, Frank Schuppert, Huy Ngoc Anh Ho
A Case of Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria without Haemolysis
Kapil Kumar Garg, Hapreet Singh
A Case of Hypocalcaemia Due to Vitamin D Deficiency in ‘Hikikomori’ Syndrome
Takahiro Miyakoshi, Mamoru Satoh, Fumio Nomura, Takao Hashimoto, Toru Aizawa
A Case of Infectious Purpura Fulminans: An Unusual Organism and Method of Diagnosis
Pei Chia Eng, Catherine Bryant, Stephen H.D. Jackson
A Case of Internal Carotid Artery Thrombosis associated with Thalidomide Administration in Multiple Myeloma
Maria Angela Grima, David James Camilleri
A Case of Mesenteric Pseudocyst Causing a Massive Abdominal Swelling
Cláudia Rosado, Daniela Machado, Joel Esteves, Rui Moreira, Clarinda Neves
A Comprehensive Protocol to Mitigate Inappropriate Medication in the Elderly
Vera Vlahović-Palčevski
A Diagnosis of Inflammatory Pseudotumor of the Liver by Contrast Enhaced Ultrasound and Fine-Needle Biopsy: A Case Report
Annamaria Gesualdo, Rossana Tamburrano, Antonia Gentile, Antonio Giannini, Giuseppe Palasciano, Vincenzo Ostilio Palmieri
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