Spontaneous Resolution of a Pulmonary Cystic Amyloidosis Mass
  • Nouha Guediri
    Pulmonology Department, Military Hospital of Tunis, Tunisia
  • Islam Meijri
    Pulmonology Department, Military Hospital of Tunis, Tunisia
  • Nouha Boubaker
    Pulmonology Department, Military Hospital of Tunis, Tunisia
  • Samira Mhamdi
    Pulmonology Department, Military Hospital of Tunis, Tunisia
  • Selsabil Daboussi
    Pulmonology Department, Military Hospital of Tunis, Tunisia
  • Chiraz Aichaouia
  • Houssem Messaoudi
    Thoracic Surgery Department, Military Hospital of Tunis, Tunisia
  • Aida Ayadi
    Anatomo-Pathology Department, Abdurrahman Mami Hospital, Ariana, Tunisia
  • Zied Moatemri
    Pulmonology Department, Military Hospital of Tunis, Tunisia


Amyloidosis, lung, pulmonary cystic mass


Introduction: Amyloidosis is a rare illness characterized by the deposition in organs of amyloid, which can be detected by histological staining. Amyloidosis restricted to the lower respiratory tract is unusual.

Results: We reported the case of a 68-year-old woman with no history of chronic disease who presented with dyspnoea on exertion, cough and fatigue. The physical examination was unremarkable. A CT scan showed a cystic mass with a thickened wall in the apical segment of the left lower lobe. A biopsy of the mass was performed, and histological and immunohistochemical study confirmed the diagnosis of AL amyloidosis. The patient’s clinical and radiological symptoms spontaneously improved without treatment after 3 years.

Conclusion: Amyloid-related cystic lung disease is a rare presentation of amyloidosis in the thorax. More case reports are required to determine if such masses can resolve without treatment and whether amyloid-associated cystic lung disease actually exists.




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    Published: 2022-11-29
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    Guediri N, Meijri I, Boubaker N, Mhamdi S, Daboussi S, Aichaouia C, Messaoudi H, Ayadi A, Moatemri Z. Spontaneous Resolution of a Pulmonary Cystic Amyloidosis Mass. EJCRIM 2022;9 doi:10.12890/2022_003586.

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