Neutropenia induced by ceftriaxone and meropenem
  • Zay Yar Aung
    Acute Medicine Department, Northampton General Hospital, NHS Trust, Northampton, UK
  • Khaled Elmagraby
    Acute Medicine Department, Northampton General Hospital, NHS Trust, Northampton, UK
  • Alexandra Nica
    Acute Medicine Department, Northampton General Hospital, NHS Trust, Northampton, UK


Antibiotic-induced neutropenia, ceftriaxone, meropenem


Neutropenia by non-chemotherapy drugs is an extremely rare idiosyncratic life-threatening drug reaction. Ceftriaxone and meropenem are widely used broad-spectrum antibiotics and are generally safe and well tolerated. The authors present a case of neutropenia induced by ceftriaxone and meropenem in an adult patient. The resolution of neutropenia occurred within 48 hours of ceftriaxone and meropenem being discontinued. Although antibiotic-induced neutropenia is uncommon, clinicians should be mindful of this adverse drug effect because of its potential development of severe neutropenia, septicaemia, septic shock, deep-seated infections and even death. Therefore, neutropenic sepsis treatment should be initiated without delay, particularly if the patient becomes septic and febrile. Granulocyte-colony stimulation factor (G-CSF) may be administered to facilitate the recovery process with daily monitoring of neutrophil count. Mortalities from antibiotic-induced neutropenia remain rare, with a range of 2.5–5%.



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    Published: 2024-05-28
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