Two Cases of Platypnoea-Orthodexia

  • Laura Virginia Gonzalez Acute Medical Unit, Great Western Hospital, Swindon
  • Andrew Whitehead Acute Medical Unit, Great Western Hospital, Swindon


Platypnoea-orthodexia, hypoxia, shunt


Platypnoea-orthodexia syndrome is a rare cause of dyspnoea when hypoxaemia is induced by the upright position and relieved by recumbency. We report two cases in which platypnoea-orthodexia syndrome was present and caused by two different mechanisms: intracardiac shunt and intrapulmonary shunt.



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  • Published: 2017-10-16

    Issue: Vol 4 No 10 (view)

    Section: Articles

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    Gonzalez, L., & Whitehead, A. (2017). Two Cases of Platypnoea-Orthodexia. European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine, 4(10).