A Rare Case of Extra-Gonadal Oestrogen-Secreting Choriocarcinoma in a Male
  • Yuxuan Zhou
    Department of General Medicine, Whangarei Hospital, Northland District Health Board, Whangarei, New Zealand


Oestrogen-secreting tumour in males, choriocarcinoma, tumour progression, extra-gonadal


This report describes a rare case of an extra-gonadal oestrogen-secreting tumour in a male patient. An otherwise healthy 60-year-old man presented to our hospital with a 3-month history of shortness of breath and weight loss. Blood panels and histology supported the diagnosis of an oestrogen-secreting choriocarcinoma. Unfortunately, the patient died soon after his diagnosis. The highlighting features of this case are: (1) the difficulty of confirming a diagnosis in a rapidly deteriorating patient; (2) the rarity of oestrogen-secreting extra-gonadal tumours in males; and (3) the aggressive rate of tumour progression seen on sequential imaging.



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    Published: 2021-10-08
    Issue: 2021: Vol 8 No 9 (view)

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