The Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges of Concomitant Mantle Cell Lymphoma and IgM Myeloma
  • Dhairya Gor
    Internal Medicine Department, Jersey Shore Medical Center, Neptune, NJ, USA
  • Rohan Mehta
    Hematology Oncology Department, Jersey Shore Medical Center, Neptune, NJ, USA
  • David Greenberg
    Hematology Oncology Department, Jersey Shore Medical Center, Neptune, NJ, USA
  • Evgeniya Angelova
    Pathology Department, Jersey Shore Medical Center, Neptune, NJ, USA


IgM multiple myeloma, mantle cell lymphoma, CAR T-cell therapy


It is rare for IgM multiple myeloma (MM) and mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) to coexist. Furthermore, it is challenging to demonstrate if there are two distinct types of neoplasia or if plasma cell differentiation of MCL is present. We discuss the case of a patient concomitantly diagnosed with MCL and IgM MM, and the subsequent diagnostic and management difficulties, and the positive treatment outcome.



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