Behind Recurrent Thromboembolic Events
  • Sara Lopes Guerreiro
    Hospital de Santa Cruz, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental, Lisbon
  • Carolina Gouveia
    Hospital São Francisco Xavier, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental, Lisbon
  • Rita Mora de Féria
    Hospital Prof. Dr. Fernando da Fonseca, Lisbon
  • Ana Lourenço
    Hospital São Francisco Xavier, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental, Lisbon
  • Fátima Grenho
    Hospital São Francisco Xavier, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental, Lisbon


Marantic Endocarditis, Thromboembolism, Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma


We describe the case of a 68-year-old man, who presented with an ischemic stroke due to cardiac embolization related to mitral valve endocarditis. Blood cultures were always negative and post-operative valve histology did not show microorganisms. The patient also presented further recurrent peripheral embolic events. These clinical aspects were the first sign of a pancreas adenocarcinoma, which was only diagnosed in the clinical autopsy. In conclusion, these clinical findings of recurrent thromboembolic events with no microorganisms isolated suggests the diagnostic of a marantic endocarditis.



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    Published: 2016-09-28
    Issue: Vol. 3 No. 6 (view)

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    Guerreiro SL, Gouveia C, Féria RM de, Lourenço A, Grenho F. Behind Recurrent Thromboembolic Events. EJCRIM 2016;3 doi:10.12890/2016_000413.