Tirzepatide-induced ketoacidosis in non-diabetic patients
  • Pathan Mohamad Rafe Iqbal
    Internal Medicine Department, New Ahamdi Hospital, Kuwait Oil Company, Fahahil, Kuwait
  • Ossama Sajeh Maadarani
    Internal Medicine Department, Ahmadi Hospital, Kuwait Oil Company, Fahahil, Kuwait
  • Zouheir Ibrahim Bitar
    Internal Medicine Department, Ahmadi Hospital, Kuwait Oil Company, Fahahil, Kuwait


Ketoacidosis, tirzepatide, obesity


Background: Tirzepatide is a novel glucagon-like peptide 1/glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GLP-1/GIP) receptor agonist. It was recently approved for diabetes control and weight reduction in non-diabetic patients.
Case description: We report the first case of ketoacidosis after the use of tirzepatide in an obese non-diabetic patient, secondary to the possibility of starvation ketoacidosis and insulin resistance.
Conclusion: The dual-acting GLP-1 and GIP receptor agonists, tirzepatide, can induce ketoacidosis in obese non-diabetic patients.



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    Published: 2024-03-11
    Issue: 2024: Vol 11 No 4 (view)

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    Iqbal PMR, Maadarani OS, Bitar ZI. Tirzepatide-induced ketoacidosis in non-diabetic patients. EJCRIM 2024;11 doi:10.12890/2024_004357.

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