Advertising policy

Advertising Policy

EJCRIM accepts advertising and sponsorship for its website and related e-mail services (e-mail alerts) subject to the following principles:

  • Advertising is kept separate from editorial content and is clearly identified as such. Content is never altered, added, or deleted to accommodate advertising. Advertisers and sponsors should not have any influence in any editorial decisions or advertising policies. Advertising areas are limited to top, bottom or side banners and are clearly identified as Advertising. No pop-up or other types of banners are allowed.
  • Editorial decisions are never influenced by potential advertising or reprint revenues. Advertisers and Sponsors have no control or influence over the results of searches a user may conduct on the website by keyword or search topic.
  • EJCRIM does not publish “advertorial” content or sponsored supplements. If such an event may occur in the future, EJCRIM will make sure to clearly label whether the content is sponsored. EJCRIM does not publish non-peer-reviewed content. In the event that a supplement undergoes a different peer review process than the rest of the Journal, and if the process is approved by the Journal’s Editor, such circumstance will be explicitly stated in the supplement content.
  • Publication of any advertisement is subject to the approval of the EIC and of the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM) who will evaluate whether the advertisement is appropriate. In any case, the Journal and EFIM do not endorse any company, product, or service appearing in the advertising areas. The Journal reserves the right to decline or cancel any advertisement at any time.
  • EFIM and its affiliated medical societies that sponsor the Journal are entitled to advertise their educational events and website links free of charge, provided they are relevant to the Journal’s aims and scope.
  • EJCRIM does not partner with third-party advertising companies that provide behavioral advertising.

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