From Wellens To Kounis Syndrome: An Unlucky Patient
  • Ossama Maadarani
    Internal Medicine Department, Ahmadi Hospital - Kuwait Oil Company, Al Ahmadi, Kuwait
  • Zouheir Bitar
    Internal Medicine Department, Ahmadi Hospital - Kuwait Oil Company, Al Ahmadi, Kuwait
  • Sania Shoeb
    Internal Medicine Department, Al Salam Hospital, Kuwait
  • Jadan Alsaddah
    Department of Cardiology, Chest Diseases Hospital, Kuwait


Contrast media, Kounis syndrome, Wellens syndrome


Wellens syndrome (WS) is identified by ECG changes in the precordial leads after resolution of angina chest pain. WS indicates critical stenosis of the proximal left anterior descending (LAD) artery. On the other hand, Kounis syndrome (KS) is an allergic reaction to various substances resulting in acute coronary syndrome. Contrast media can trigger the allergic reaction associated with KS. We describe a patient with WS who developed an allergic reaction to contrast media after percutaneous coronary intervention and experienced recurren myocardial infarction on re-exposure.



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    Published: 2020-06-05
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    Maadarani O, Bitar Z, Shoeb S, Alsaddah J. From Wellens To Kounis Syndrome: An Unlucky Patient. EJCRIM 2020;7 doi:10.12890/2020_001689.

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