Defining the Cause of Postpartum Myocardial Infarction – Another Use for Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Abdullah Alenezi
    Adult Cardiology Department, Chest Diseases Hospital, Kuwait
  • Jadan Alsaddah
    Adult Cardiology Department, Chest Diseases Hospital, Kuwait
  • Ossama Maadarani
    Internal Medicine Department, Ahmadi Hospital - Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait


spontaneous coronary artery dissection, optical coherence tomography, postpartum


Chest pain in a young postpartum female can have many causes; however, when associated with ST elevation on ECG, spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) should be high on the list. Coronary angiography remains the first step in delineating the coronary lesion in suspected cases of SCAD and optical coherence tomography (OCT) can be crucial when the angiographic appearance remains uncertain. We present a case of a young postpartum female with ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). Coronary angiography revealed a dilated part of the middle segment of the left anterior descending (LAD) artery while intramural haematoma (IMH) of the coronary artery wall was found on OCT, which confirmed the clinically suspected diagnosis of SCAD.



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    Published: 2020-08-17
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    Alenezi A, Alsaddah J, Maadarani O. Defining the Cause of Postpartum Myocardial Infarction – Another Use for Optical Coherence Tomography. EJCRIM 2020;7 doi:10.12890/2020_001854.

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